Wavos Studio is an art space at the mouth of the Carmel Forest, somewhere on the edge of the mountain.

It was born as a recording studio and naturally evolved into a space for parties, performances, exhibitions, dance and any work that comes to mind the community around it.
It contains a world of art and is played by musicians from all over the world.

Following the festival that took place last year for the first time and left us with lots of taste for more and a spirit to continue we are happy to present:

– – WAVOS festival 2 -.
All the experiences, artists, composers, compositions, knowledge and vision that have influenced us this year are building a parallel world of one day that tells our story –
Beautiful forest, together, special ensembles, international and local artists of course, pleasant and good sound, sitting areas, a crowd of happy and smiling friends, inviting and enveloping nature, a great bonfire, creative corners for children and lots of faith in our area.

❋ ❃ ❁ Line Line up: ❁ ✾ ✾ ✽

☀ Tiny Fingers ft George Kandalaft ☀
The pioneers of the Waveus Studio, the groundbreaking ensemble that creates a powerful experience of an advanced connection between sounds, bits and energies, have just landed from a crazy summer in Fusion in Germany, a boom in Portugal and more legendary performances … ‘Uncle of Nazareth George Kandelp for cooperation from another world

☀ Kraut (Netherlands) ☀
Kraut is Dutch Daniel Zor, who visited our studio in Novos last November for an unforgettable set. He is an electronic creator in the world of “electronic” music. He plays at the most prestigious festivals in Europe, such as Fusion, Garbikas, 3000 Grads and clubs like Sisyphus, Cutter Blau and others. He is known for his special and energetic show, his sets are praised and lots of attention from all sides .

☀ Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon –
Music From The Blue Desert ☀
Yossi Fine and Ben Eilon are a pair of phenomenal musicians that we love very much. In this project they dive into the music of the Swahili tribe from the Blue Desert. A tribe of musicians who accompanied the peoples who migrated from Arabia to Africa and returned throughout history.
Simcha, Dabekot, celebrations and weddings – a band of celebrations from the desert.


☀ Nadav Dagon ft Aviv Bahar ☀
Nadav Dagon, creator, producer and musician of the founders of the studio, creates an electronic ceremony that lives in the place and in the moment, changes and expands with the audience that is located 360 degrees around, and builds an electro-animal party for pure rhythm and depth. Nadav has returned to us from a summer tour in European festivals and shows in clubs such as the Cutter Blau, Manch Meyer and more … and comes to a special performance where he will host the angel Aviv Bachar, a chilling musician whose work is based on virtuoso and precise playing on instruments from the East and touching poetry of songs he writes And composer (and of course – Hadas Kleinman and Aviv Bachar)


☀ Feller – live ft Tai Nikritin, Daniel Krief and Eyal Swartzman
Feller is the DJ of the house and a partner in the vision and vision of the studio, the man is a walking legend, he creates musical combinations on the border of the impossible and challenges the audience with grace and humor and leads him to the best party he has experienced. Fleur is completely contagious, and whoever heard him once again is already a captive and has no way back. The Lave project is a hybrid combination of electronic music, live instruments, improvisation, loops and groove music and we get to hear the most talented artists step into the Fleur’s blender and swirl into a mega-mix that pampers the pelvis and ear.


☀ Knafe U Bass ☀
A pair of local DJs from the Wang of the Wahabus Studio, invite you to a set that touches everything in the south, electro-American, moving the pelvis, lifting up and making a sense of fun. That’s what we call a party.


☀ Bulbulz ☀
The closing of the festival will be sponsored by the Bulbuls, a pair of night birds touching the sounds and what is between them. Gently, sensitivity and cosmic meditative.
Oren Ben David and Boaz Bentur (Tiny Fingerz, Monasta …) invite you to stop the time and swallow into the musical experience they create.


☀ Tisser ☀
A friend of the Wahabus Studio from the Jerusalem capital, a man of special beats, an unmediated connection between sounds and infinite musical knowledge brings Ofer Tisser to create a fascinating set with a story that we have not yet heard. His combination with the Carmel Forest and our audience is portrayed as an exciting reunion that will happen for the first time at our festival.


Opening Ceremony:
☀ Yael Dagon vs Fresh ☀
Yael, a classical musician from the classic background, is the real thing, the next generation, a mandolin player that causes gut feelings and tears.
Farshon, Parson, Frononloops, is an Energetic Wizard, a talented Lupi wizard and a gifted vocalist who creates a fairy tale about fairy fairies and hip hop among them.
They will go to the opening ceremony of the festival with a journey from the world of fat bits to oriental tunes from the Near East, and all this in order to land us in the forest and help us to leave behind everything that has existed until now.
Together, this refreshing combination with the hypnotic stage presence will lead us to open a smooth page and being, from there we will take off!

The Fairy Forest, Beit Oren, Israel 22/09/2018


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