My name is Denise Levin I’ve been working as a full time professional translator since 1999.

My language combinations and directions are Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew, French to English, and French to Hebrew.

You may have noticed that I translate both from and into Hebrew (and English), normally a no-no for a professional. But there are exceptions, and I’m pleased to be one of those rare birds who deliver an equally highly professional job in both directions.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, while Israel has been my home since I was 18.

I started hearing, speaking, reading and writing both English and biblical Hebrew at practically the same time. While Israelis are highly amused when the occasional visitor addresses us in biblical Hebrew, modern Hebrew is deeply rooted in the former, and being versed in it gives you a very solid background when you engage in literary and legal translations, as I do, among others. Talking of specializations, I focus on legal, business, medical, academic and literary translations.

I have a BA degree in Sociology, Social Work & Philosophy, and an MA degree in Mass Communications, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the city where I live.

And what do I do to relax? Well, I practice yoga, and love eastern dancing, swimming, and hiking, especially in the desert. And when I manage to get there on one of those rare days in one of those rare years when it’s all in bloom, as it was this spring, life is just perfect, as my photo testifies to.

Which leads me to my latest qualification: I recently was awarded my diploma as a seniors’ physical fitness coach from the Wingate Institute, Netanya, a feat I’m especially proud of, as anybody who’s ever met or talked to me knows I’m ‘all spirit’.

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