From Eilat Beach to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, from Lake Tiberias to the Dead Sea, women have issues regarding swimwear coverage, in Israel & around the world.

Harold & Marci Rapp recently immigrated with their teenage daughter to Jerusalem,Israel from Toronto, Canada to join their 3 sons.  Back in the “old country”, Marci & her friends had struggled to find a swimming cover that was both modest & suitable.  “We wore cotton nightshirts, which were too short, heavy when wet, clingy, & remained damp & cold out of the water”, Marci laments.

With the warmer climate in Israel & easier access to beaches, opportunities to swim became more frequent.  The problem still existed, what to wear to cover up?

  • To cover up from the sun.
  • To cover up age, weight or medical related imperfections.
  • To cover up for religious modesty.

Over the last few years, the modest swimwear industry has evolved globally. However, few of the styles available were colourful, or suitable for women with full figures.  MarSeaModest Swimwear was founded in 2009 to address these needs.

MarSeaModest designs will attract women who appreciate the colourful fabrics & the flexibility of coverage for every body type – from Petite to Plus-size, with separate & adjustable pieces.  Styles can be suitable for larger women, with fuller figures, DD+. The neckline of the Swim Dresses & Swim Tops, the straps & band of the Swim/Sports Bras & ModesTankini, are all easily adjustable.  There are also length options for the skirts.  Some styles are suitable as maternity wear.

MarSeaModest Swimwear offers women increased UV50+ sun-protection & comfortable coverage, while eliminating unwanted body exposure.  Styles come in a variety of fashionable colours & sizes.

The MarSeaModest line includes Swim Dresses, Swim Skirts & Skorts, Swim Pants, SwimTops, ModesTankinis, Swim/Sports Bras, & Swim Bandanas, all made from high quality Italian nylon/spandex swimwear fabric, which is UV protective, chlorine-resistant, non-transparent, lightweight, breathable & dries quickly.  In the water, the fabric clings & is not heavy, to allow for easy swimming.  Out of the water, the fabric releases the water & the fabric unclings quickly.

MarSeaModest Swimwear is suitable for religious modesty coverage, for all religions including Jewish, Christian & Muslim.  Women have ordered globally from the USA, Germany, Australia, Qatar, Sweden, Russia & S. Africa.  Some women want coverage for their diving or snorkelling water activities.  Our styles are also suitable for as workout activewear for exercising, yoga, biking, hiking, as well as swimming.

In 2012, MarSeaModest added a line a modest casualwear, including Pencil Skirts, 3/4 Tees & Tops, Lacey Leggings, Lacey Vests & BodySuits.

MarSeaModest Swim & Casualwear wishes all women a modest & sun-safe swim & modest dressing! or 


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