It’s 22:59

I was up and out at 07:00 this morning, driving through the first rains of the day from Herzliya to Hod Hasharon. C lives in Hod Hasharon and has to get to school by 07:45(-ish).  She is always a little late, rushing at wheelchair top speed to be lifted on the specially adapted wheelchair lift, on the Barbie pink transport CARE BUS.  Then we set off to school; its 5 minutes down the road and round the corner! We had a chat & a laugh on the way (which is uplifting for her rather  than a sour faced, hardened driver who no longer cares…).

 07:40 I left M school heading for the next disabled boy, aged 8, who goes to a special rehab school with his mother 3 times a week.  I parked the pink minibus as close as I could to the apartment block entrance so they did not have to walk too far.  I always pay attention to not blocking other cars or driveways with my big bus.  I got the screen ready to put on a DVD for the boy…he loves to see Dora or Artur.  It’s a half hours’ ride to the rehab centre, so they relax on the way in the comfortable CARE BUS.

 12:10 – return to Rehab Centre, Raanana.

I had to wait about 10 minutes as my passengers were a little late. I don’t mind waiting a few minutes…its normal with disabled passengers. There is always something last minute that can cause a delay. It’s good to be patient.   We returned quickly to Hod Hasharon – the traffic was clear for a change – where I dropped them off at home by 12:50.


I collected the companion E on my way to the next school, in His Hasharon. This boy has a disability but is not wheelchair bound. It’s a quick trip 10 minutes up the road to drop him off at home.

 14:30 – 14:45

Returning to M school to collect C for the home journey.

 15:00 – 15:45

I drove from Hod Hasharon to Ramat Gan/Sheba Hospital on the best route according to Gmaps…still took forever!

S has been my regular passenger since Pesach. She goes home from rehab 2ce a week to spend time with her babies. I go into the ward to collect her and return her to the ward. This is a personal service that no other transport company will offer. I take my work seriously and care for my passengers.

We drove to Ramat Hasharon, after a nasty traffic jam, trying to get out of the Sheba exit booms…


I collected B from the O special school Tel Aviv north. Her and her caregiver were at Crembo Wings: fun social time for the disabled.  I drove them home to Hod Hasharon.  This time i put a movie on for her…she loved it.


Last trip of the day was taking S back to Sheba.  S told me she was exhausted.  There was a little rain, so instead of chatting we listened to the music on the radio, while I concentrated on the road.

 CARE BUS is more than just a carrier providing transfers… those less fortunate, or experiencing health issues deserve a quality of life, to get out and be part of the world. Just because they are disabled and use hardware doesn’t mean they can’t live…

CARE BUS provides the service with heart.

(Also doing tours and airport transfers for all!)

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